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Will there be a Toyota Corolla in India?

The Toyota Corolla is a smart pick in the small sedan class. We give it high marks for its smooth ride comfort, high-quality interior, and comprehensive list of advanced safety features. Holding it back are its smaller-than-average trunk and slow acceleration.

Toyota Corolla XSE Sedan Exterior
Toyota Corolla XSE Sedan Exterior

2024 Toyota Corolla Review

Controls that are simple to use
pleasant riding quality
high efficiency of fuel

Gradual speed increase
The highway is overly noisy from traffic.
less headroom in the back than most competitors

What’s new
The nightshade trim level is back.
The former XLE trim is no longer available.
2020 saw the introduction of the 12th generation of Corollas.

In the class of small sedans, the Corolla is a safe option, much like its bigger brother, the Camry. Although it has a solid reputation for dependability, this compact car has never been the most thrilling to purchase. As we approach 2024, the Corolla generation that has been in production since 2020 has remained mostly unaltered. The Nightshade trim level, which was not part of the roster the previous year, is back, which is noteworthy news for this year. It has bronze-colored wheels and blacked-out external style components.

Edmunds highlights the mileage and engine of the Corolla

While most rivals provide a greater variety of powertrain options, the Corolla sedan only comes with one engine. However, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine sticks out for its exceptional fuel efficiency; in our real-world tests, we recorded an amazing 40.2 mpg. Additionally, the Corolla can only be purchased with a continuously variable transmission; unless you choose the Corolla Hybrid, all-wheel drive is not an option.

Rivals should take into account
The Corolla’s main selling point is straightforward: It has a long history of being a dependable and effective small car, and the most recent model is probably going to continue that tradition. But the Honda Civic or Mazda 3 are probably better options if you’re searching for a tiny sedan that’s fun to drive. See our assessment of the Corolla’s comfort, functionality, technology, and other factors in our Expert Rating.

Edmunds Expert Rating

Overall 7.0/10

How does one drive a Corolla? Given the class’s lackluster acceleration (0-60 mph took 8.8 seconds in our tests), you’ll probably be floored when entering highways. You have to be a little more strategic and use a strong foot when passing slower traffic. Nonetheless, there is sufficient emergency braking capability, and controlling the brake force is simple for seamless stops.

The Corolla XSE, which is meant to be the sportier trim level, was the vehicle we tested. Unfortunately, we soon found out that it’s not all that athletic. Its tires don’t provide much grip, and it leans a lot when turning. But the Corolla performs admirably as a regular everyday driver. Around town, it’s simple to steer and its continuously variable automatic gearbox (CVT) usually operates without causing any inconvenience.

Comfort Level: 7.0 out of 10.

How cozy is the Corolla interior? The front seats of the Corolla are comfy, and it rides well on a range of road conditions. There are enough adjustments and enough range within those adjustments to reach your ideal posture, regardless of your height. Since the fabric seats breathe better than the optional synthetic leather on hot days, we do prefer them.

There is always noise from the road. You’ll need to turn up the stereo to block out the noise when driving down the highway. Hard acceleration makes the engine sound strained, although the simulated gear changes of the continuously variable transmission lessen the usual droning sound of a CVT.

Interior: 8.0 out of 10.

What is the state of the interior? The Corolla’s interior is made easier to use and more straightforward. The controls are sensibly arranged and located exactly where you want them to be. There are a good amount of buttons—just enough to be helpful without being overly busy.

Additionally, getting in and out of the car is simple. There is ample space for the front passengers, and the driver can see both the front and the back. Rear passenger seating is more cramped, particularly in terms of headroom. The heads of adult people may be near the roof. In this regard, the Honda Civic performs better.

Technology: 7.5% to 10%

What’s up with the technology? The 8-inch screen on the Corolla looks sleek and contemporary and seems large in the little vehicle. However, it can react slowly at times; we experienced latency when utilizing the navigation system and sometimes lengthy wait times for voice input answers. The touchscreen in the Corolla lacks the same level of integration as certain other Toyota models with other car technologies, such as driver assistance and climate control. 

While some of the virtual buttons are small and easy to miss with your finger in a moving automobile, the shortcuts for the main operations are helpful. Though it’s unfortunate that remote start can only be accessed via the app, the Toyota app and its associated functions, such as phone as a key, car finder, and remote start, are all good to have. However, all of them demand a monthly fee to utilize.

The Corolla’s advanced driver assistance features are good, however we wish the blind-spot warning system included an audio alert in addition to the visual one. Of special note is the lane keeping assistance technology. It does so without being unduly forceful, centering the vehicle in its lane. The JBL-branded enhanced radio in our test car is also a hit, offering great sound quality and volume for a compact car. Numerous USB-C connectors, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and optional wireless charging all help the Corolla stay competitive.

7.5/10 for storage

What is the state of storage? The Corolla’s trunk is marginally smaller than that of its main rival, with 13 cubic feet. For everyday use, it ought to still be sufficient. Sadly, the rear seatbacks cannot fold flat with the trunk floor, which may make it more difficult to transport larger, heavier items.

Personal item storage is likewise rather limited. Just enough space is provided for your phone and similar items, although many competitors provide more. Positively, it appears that there is sufficient room for baby and kid safety seats. Installing the car seat anchors—which are easily identified—should be made easier.

Fuel Efficiency: 8.5 out of 10.

What is the fuel efficiency? The car we tested, the Corolla XSE with the 2.0-liter engine and CVT gearbox, is expected to get 34 mpg combined in city and highway driving according to the EPA. During our 115-mile trial route, the Corolla easily outperformed that estimate, achieving an astounding 40.2 mpg. See the Corolla Hybrid for the best fuel efficiency.

Worth 7.5 out of 10.

Is the Corolla an affordable car? The best cars in the small sedan class compete with the Corolla. The cabin is well-built and of a high quality. Although most consumers base their judgments on Toyota’s reputation for dependability, there are other factors to take into account. Notably for this class, you also receive two years of free scheduled maintenance.

Wildcard: 7.5 out of 10.
The most recent Corolla offers a clean, contemporary design devoid of pointless accessories and vents. It’s also more fun to drive than it was previously, though not as much fun as other sedans in the class. Competency and capability are the main themes.

The previous generation of Corolla appears dated in contrast to the sleek and contemporary appearance of the current model. The XSE trim is even more appealing because of its more aggressive body treatments.

Toyota Corolla models

Toyota Corolla XSE Sedan Profile Shown
Toyota Corolla XSE Sedan Profile Shown

The 2024 Corolla is a small sedan offered in four trim levels: LE, SE, Nightshade and XSE. (The Corolla Hybrid is reviewed separately on Edmunds.) Keep reading for a rundown of the significant features you get with each trim level.

LE provides you with:

2.0-liter four-cylinder (151 lb-ft, 169 horsepower)
Continuously variable transmission with dynamic shift (CVT)
steel wheels measuring 16 inches
Keyless entry via remote
Climate control that operates automatically
8-inch infotainment system with touchscreen
Without a cord Smartphone connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Additionally, every Corolla has:

Adaptive cruise control (keeps the Corolla and the following car at a distance determined by the driver)
Forward collision mitigation (which, in some situations, applies the brakes and alerts you to an approaching crash)
Lane departure mitigation (which can automatically steer to maintain lane position and alert you of a lane departure when a turn signal is not utilized)
Lane keeping system (which slightly adjusts the steering to help maintain the car’s center of gravity within its lane)

The SE is the sportier Corolla sedan based on the LE trim level because:

Dark gray, 18-inch alloy wheels
suspension optimized for sport
more aggressive external trim details
heated mirrors outdoors
Driving in sport mode
steering wheel with leather accents and paddle shifters
front seats with sport bolsters
Remote start with a push button and keyless entry
It incorporates distinctive style elements based on the SE with:

18-inch painted bronze wheels
Exterior trim in black
dark emblems
spoiler installed on the trunk

Building upon the SE trim, the XSE adds features like:

Exterior mirrors in the color of the body
heated front seats
Panel of digital instruments
Pad for wireless charging
When a car enters your blind area when changing lanes or reversing, you are alerted by blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic warning.
On the LE and SE, certain features that are standard on the XSE can be ordered as extras. In addition, the Nightshade and XSE trims have an optional premium JBL sound system.

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