Rooftop Solar to Benefit One Crore Households Under the Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana


Rooftop Solar to Benefit One Crore Households Under the Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana

Following the opening of the Ram Temple, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a significant move pertaining to the country’s energy industry. Today at a meeting, Prime Minister Modi announced that the government will begin the Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana. One crore homes are to have solar rooftop systems installed as part of the Yojana.

A major step toward inclusive and sustainable energy practices has been taken with the inauguration of the Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana, which demonstrates the government’s commitment to creating a greener and more independent India.

After attending the consecration of Suryawanshi Bhagwan Shri Ram in Ayodhya, Prime Minister Modi made a historic move in the direction of renewable energy. The Prime Minister presided over a meeting to announce the “Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana” right after the auspicious occasion. This grand project is to equip one crore homes with rooftop solar panels, starting with the prime minister’s personal home at Lok Kalyan Marg.

Using Solar Energy to Power Aatmanirbhar Houses


The prime minister emphasized throughout the discussion how every home has the ability to use solar power, which lowers electricity costs and promotes independence. In keeping with the government’s commitment to Aatmanirbhar Bharat, the scheme’s goal is to enable households to meet their electrical demands through sustainable means.

  • Strengthening Households with Low and Middle Incomes – The scheme’s main goal is to build solar rooftop systems in low- and middle-income families in order to supply electricity to them. This helps ensure a more balanced distribution of energy resources in addition to reducing the financial load on these groups.
  • Extra Revenue from the Production of Surplus Electricity – In addition to lowering electricity costs, the program promotes the production of excess electricity. Participating households will gain access to an extra source of income, which will improve their financial situation.

A nationwide initiative to promote adoption

Seeing the value of widespread involvement, the prime minister has ordered the launch of a national campaign. The goal of this program is to encourage residential customers to use rooftop solar systems on a broad basis. The adoption of solar energy by the general people must be widely supported for the campaign to succeed.

  • Intended audience – The program is aimed at one crore families, with a focus on lowering energy costs for the middle class and impoverished. The government wants to improve these groups’ economic standing by attending to their energy demands.
  • Energy Independence – By installing rooftop solar systems, the program aims to lessen India’s reliance on conventional energy sources. Mitigating environmental effect and guaranteeing the country’s energy future require a shift to sustainable energy methods.
  • Market Consequences – Companies that install solar panels and related infrastructure should see significant growth as a result of the Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana. The growing market for solar solutions may present long-term opportunities for investment in the renewable energy industry.

Qualifications for the PM Suryodaya Yojana:

  • Status of Residence – In order to guarantee that the benefits of the program are focused on the population of India, applicants are often needed to be residents of that nation.
  • Income Requirements – To guarantee that the program successfully reaches individuals in need, there can be specific income requirements in place. The goal of this criterion is to give low- and middle-income households priority.
  • Ownership of Property – One of the most important eligibility requirements may be ownership of the property on which solar panels are to be put. By doing this, it is guaranteed that the infrastructure is installed on assets with steady ownership.
  • Prior Recipients – Those who have not yet benefited from comparable government solar energy programs may be granted priority. This prioritization contributes to the scheme’s wider influence on the populace.


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