Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: The Ram Lalla idol is 51 inches tall.​

Ram Lalla

Ram Mandir In Ayodhya: The Ram Lalla Idol Is 51 Inches Tall.

The complete image of Ram Lalla is still to come, according to the wife of sculptor Arun Yogi Raj, who also discusses the rationale behind selecting the Black Stone for the idol's selection.

Sculptor Arun Yogi Raj expresses sadness at the photographs of Ram Lalla that were leaked prior to the temple’s dedication. “I am sad that the images of Ram Lalla have been leaked before the consecration,” said his wife Vijeta Arun. Nonetheless, we are happy that people are showing love for Ram Lalla’s idol.

Ram Mandir In Ayodha: January 22nd is the day that the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is supposed to be dedicated. The idol of Ram Lalla was placed in the sanctum sanctorum on Thursday before this. In the meantime, Ram Lalla’s initial photo has also surfaced. The idol of Ram Lalla was created by sculptor Arun Yogi Raj, whose wife claims that the idol’s full picture has not yet surfaced.

Arun Yogi Raj’s wife, Vijeta, expresses some regret about the photographs of Ram Lalla that were leaked before to the Ram Temple’s dedication. She is happy that the idol of Ram Lalla is receiving adoration, though. “We feel honored and blessed to receive so much love,” she says. This love has improved and enhanced our lives.

Vijeta notes that while details about the idol of Ram Lalla have surfaced, the idol’s full image has not yet been made public. ‘I haven’t seen it myself,’ she continues. She did not, however, elaborate on the specifics of the entire picture. The idol’s custom of opening its eyes during the consecration ceremony was all she said.


When questioned about the selection of black stone for the idol’s construction, Vijeta responds that black stone is used to create the Ram Lalla idol. This stone is unique because it will not be harmed by acids or other substances, nor will it be impacted by any form of impact from milk during the ritualistic pouring of milk (abhishek). It won’t change and will endure for millennia intact.

Ram Mandir In Ayodhya

The Ram Lalla idol is 51 inches tall.

Ram Mandir In Ayodha: The images of the Ram Lalla idol were covered in white cloth before to the unveiling. With much fanfare, the 51-inch statue, created by Mysuru-based sculptor Arun Yogi Raj, was delivered to the temple on Thursday.

Living in Karnataka, Arun Yogi Raj comes from a five-generation family of well-known sculptors in Mysuru. At the moment, Arun Yogi Raj is the nation’s most sought-after sculptor. Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally gives him plaudits. Arun’s grandpa Shilpi Basvanna had been favored by the Maharaja of Mysuru, and his father Yogi Raj is also a talented sculptor.


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