Not dead, cryptocurrency is transforming quickly to create a new world.

Not dead, cryptocurrency is transforming quickly to create a new world.

Not dead, cryptocurrency is transforming quickly to create a new world.

Few technologies are as perplexing to the majority of people as blockchain and cryptocurrency. Even technologists frequently struggle to make sense of the quickly growing technology and policies that support it.

Blockchain technology, a type of distributed ledger technology that keeps data on thousands of data servers worldwide as opposed to today, when data is stored only in one place or clustered in a few areas, is the foundation for cryptocurrency assets and currencies.

Anyone using that specific system is able to access and validate this data because it is open. In practice, this means that a person can move cryptocurrency assets without the assistance of middlemen, like as banks or government organizations, guaranteeing speed, secrecy, and reduced expenses.

The original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was designed to be anonymous so that users could exchange money without worrying about governments seeing them. Although cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology eventually become speculative assets, their current objective is even more ambitious: to completely revolutionize the internet.

According to CoinDCX Chief Technology Officer Vivek Gupta, this technology has the potential to bring in Web 3.0, a decentralized version of the internet that allows users to genuinely monetize their online time. “The value generated by any Web3 use case you may be pursuing needs to be spread, and cryptography is necessary for that distribution. Even something as basic as adding money to a pool and receiving a receipt token—that token is a cryptocurrency. That demonstrates that I actually deposited the funds. “There is no Web3 use case without crypto,” he claims.

A significant factor in the disruptive nature of blockchain technology is decentralized finance, or DeFi. Imagine earning income by lending your money to complete strangers online. Consider getting compensated for your time when using social media or playing video games by someone who requires information about you. This is made feasible by Web3, which ensures that no single organization or nation controls the data.


One more Web3 feature is decentralized apps, or dApps. dApps use the blockchain’s transparency characteristics and consensus mechanism to run on a peer-to-peer network, in contrast to traditional programs that are housed on centralised servers.

“I anticipate a significant upheaval, particularly in the DeFi tokenization domain and the entire content creator sector,” states Ravi Chamria, the CEO and co-founder of Zeeve, a blockchain automation platform.

Co-founder and CEO of CoinSwitch Ashish Singhal claims that as the technology makes it easy for anyone to efficiently verify any type of data, it has the potential to completely change how we do business, store data, and even cast ballots.

Governments are concerned about how cryptocurrency may affect monetary policy and their capacity to control citizens’ lives. Consensus is rarely necessary for disruption. People tend to gravitate toward new technologies if they show to be superior than older ones.

Several central banks are developing blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as a result of their recognition of the technology’s significance. “A lot of things are going on in the regulated DeFi market. In light of the future, we believe that boundaries around these kinds of technologies are definitely a good idea, says Andrew Vranjes, vice president of sales at the blockchain infrastructure platform Blockdaemon.


Cryptocurrencies are also evolving quickly. There are now cryptocurrency assets that are backed by actual assets like equities and real estate, as opposed to the past practice of determining the value of cryptocurrencies based on what consumers were ready to pay for them. Among them is Unicoin, created by Silvina Moschini. She describes it as a cryptocurrency that is SEC-compliant, audited, and backed by assets. 


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