Apple might release the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro with larger screens, longer batteries, and new colors.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro

It is anticipated that Apple would release the new iPhone 16 series in 2024, featuring upgraded features such bigger screens, better cameras, and larger batteries.

  1. It is anticipated that the upcoming iPhone 16 series will feature a separate capture button for quick video capture.
  2. Apple may introduce a new color selection.
  3. According to leaks, the iPhone 16 Pro might have a 6.3-inch screen.

New year, new iPhone. It is anticipated that Apple will introduce its new product selection in 2024, in keeping with the yearly tradition. The next generation of iPhones—possibly the iPhone 16 series—are the most anticipated releases. 

It is predicted that the smartphone range would debut in September 2024 after an unveiling in the fall of 2024. In addition, rumors and leaks about the next iPhone 16 are already making the rounds on the internet.

Speculations claim that with the next iPhone 16 series, Apple might enlarge the display size, upgrade internals with the latest Apple Silicon, and boost the camera system greatly. The 5x telephoto camera that is now only available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is anticipated to be inherited by the iPhone 16 Pro. Furthermore, it’s expected that both Pro models will include a specific “capture button” for quick video recording. There is a chance that the 2024 iPhone may come with a new color choice, according to leaks.

Let’s examine in-depth what to anticipate from the forthcoming iPhone 16 series.

iPhone 16 Style:

According to a recent MacRumors story, mockups based on Apple internal leaks revealed possible designs for the next iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. The rumor suggests that, barring some notable adjustments, the iPhone 16 Pro may carry over the design of its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro. The newest generation of Apple smartphones, according to MacRumors, are believed to have somewhat larger screens than their predecessors, both in terms of height and width. It’s also hypothesized that Apple has extra internal space for different components thanks to the devices’ larger sizes. The iPhone 16 Pro models may have larger, longer-lasting batteries as a result of this possible improvement.

Furthermore, there are rumors that Apple will include a capacitive Capture button. This is referred to by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg as “a new dedicated button for taking video.” MacRumors goes on to say that this button, unlike the volume and power buttons, will be flush with the iPhone’s chassis. The real Pro models will probably look a lot like these mockups, even though these prototypes may not be the final version.


Fresh hue:

According to information that has surfaced, Apple will continue to create the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max using Grade 5 Titanium, the same material that is currently used in the iPhone 15 Pro. Specifics on the rumored new color option for the iPhone 16 Pro are still unknown, although rumors from MacRumors have further suggested that a new color may be included. There are also a lot of conjectures regarding display advancements.


Additionally, rumors suggest that the larger iPhone 16 Pro Max (codenamed Lightning) would have a 6.9-inch screen, while the iPhone 16 Pro (codenamed Diablo) will have a 6.3-inch screen. In the event that this occurs, the 6.1-inch screen of the iPhone 15 Pro and the 6.7-inch screen of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will no longer be available. Additionally, MacRumors speculated that this size increase might be a calculated move to make room for the upcoming new camera functionality.


Significant camera improvements are rumored to be included in the next iPhone 16 Pro models, including a novel “tetra-prism” telephoto lens that will allow for a 5x optical zoom for superb close-up shooting. Furthermore, it is reported that these phones would feature a 48MP ultrawide camera, which is a significant improvement above the 12MP sensor now seen in the iPhone 15 Pro versions.


Regarding performance expectations, rumors indicate that the A18 family CPUs may be used to power the iPhone 16. Although the A18 chipset is anticipated for the base iPhone 16, the A18 Pro chipset may be included in the Pro variants. Please keep in mind that these are all but rumors and leaks, and Apple’s actual announcement may change.

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