Myanmar Plane Crashes Close to Indian Border; It Was Sent to Pick Up Runaway Soldiers.

Myanmar Plane Crashes

Myanmar Plane Crashes Close to Indian Border; It Was Sent to Pick Up Runaway Soldiers

The plane that was flown to Lengpui Airport in Mizoram to pick up soldiers from Myanmar crashed. The aircraft veered off the runway and fell into a ravine. Two people were hurt as a result, while twelve more people only had minor injuries. The aircraft was in India to retrieve military soldiers who had escaped from Myanmar. 

The aircraft crashed in Mizoram while carrying soldiers who had fled rebel attacks in Myanmar. The incident took place in Mizoram at the Lengpui Airport. The aircraft went off the runway upon landing and fell into a ravine.

Twelve people only received minor injuries from the incident, while two people had significant injuries.

The Myanmar military and militants were engaged in an ongoing battle. About 100 soldiers left the Lunglei district of Mizoram toward the Indian border in the face of intense opposition. The purpose of the plane was to return and recover them. Sadly, there was an incident with it.


Let me tell you that hundreds of soldiers from Myanmar infiltrated the Mizoram area of Lunglei two days ago after crossing the border. The Arakan Army (AA) insurgents’ occupation of their camps served as the impetus for this action. This battle is taking place in the Rakhine state in western Myanmar.

Claim of Seizure Made Seven Days Ago

Seven days ago, Arakan Army terrorists declared that they had taken over a district in western Myanmar. This area is very near to the border with India. Since October of last year, ethnic rebel attacks against the Myanmar military have increased. In the Chin State, the city of Paletwa had fallen to the Arakan Army. They reported via Telegram that there was not a single army camp remaining in the entire city.


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