Burning overnight, a historic Lutsen Resort destroyed


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Lutsen Resort : Burning overnight, a historic North Shore lodge destroyed

The historic Lutsen Resort lodge on the North Shore was completely destroyed by fire early on Tuesday, according to Cook County authorities.

There were no injuries reported.

It was reported just after midnight that there was a fire at the resort near the edge of Lake Superior. Authorities from Cook County reported that while personnel was there, visitors were not.


Eight fire departments’ worth of workers were fighting the fire as it completely consumed the building. The resort says it’s a complete loss. Investigating is the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

The history of Lutsen Resort begins in 1885. It is not connected to the neighboring ski resort Lutsen Mountains. According to resort officials, the main lodge had burned down in 1949 and 1951.

About Lutsen Resort lodge


140 Years in the Making

Minnesota’s oldest resort is called Lutsen Resort. The untamed beauty of Lake Superior’s North Shore led a young Swedish immigrant named Charles Axel Nelson to found his property overlooking the body of water in 1885. “Lutsen” is what he named it.

The Story of Lutsen

It is unlikely that Charles Nelson ever anticipated his little lodge and fishing camp would one day be called the Lutsen Lodge when he opened it in 1885. His foresight and perseverance would eventually turn the region into a popular travel destination for tourists looking to enjoy Lake Superior’s calm beauty and the surrounding nature.

The Lutsen Lodge suffered damage from two fires over the years, but it was swiftly rebuilt on its original foundation, preserving its reputation as Minnesota’s oldest resort to this day.


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