How did Suchana Seth, the CEO of Bengaluru, kill her child? A doctor divulges terrifying information


1. How did Suchana Seth, the CEO of Bengaluru, kill her child? A doctor divulges terrifying information

The CEO of an Indian start-up has been detained on suspicion of killing her four-year-old daughter in a Goa service apartment. The infant was smothered to death, according to doctors, and there were no signs of struggle on the youngster’s body.

Citing a post-mortem report, the physicians have revealed horrific details of how the four-year-old youngster was killed at a service apartment in Goa, only days after the CEO of a start-up cruelly killed him. According to the physicians, the boy’s mother killed him by smothering him. The boy’s body showed no signs of struggle, according to the doctor.

According to authorities, Suchana Seth, the CEO of an artificial intelligence start-up, was detained in Chitradurga while her route to Bengaluru carrying her child’s lifeless body in a bag. The Goan police ordered the CEO of a start-up company in Bengaluru to be taken into custody.

Administrator Dr. Kumar Naik of Hiriyur Taluk Hospital stated, “He [the child] was strangled to death, or what we call smothering.” There was a pillow or a cloth used. The strangulation caused the child’s death.” The youngster was not strangled with hands, the doctor continued. “It doesn’t appear like the child was physically strangled. It appears as though a cushion or another material was utilized. The child’s rigor mortis had subsided,” he said.

“In India, rigor mortis usually goes away in 36 hours, but in this child’s instance, it didn’t. Thus, over 36 hours have passed since his passing,” he stated. There were no signs of blood loss or struggle marks on the body, according to Naik. Since the youngster had died at the Goa flat 36 hours earlier, the precise moment of his death could not be ascertained. “We cannot say the exact time but it has been 36 hours since his death,” added Naik.

Suchana Seth killed her four-year-old daughter in the Goa flat, put the body in a bag, and requested that a cab be sent to Bengaluru by the property staff. The CEO of a start-up company in Bengaluru even attempted suicide after killing her son.


The apartment’s cleaning crew discovered bloodstains in the room after check-out and promptly notified the authorities. Through the cab driver, the police made contact with Suchana Seth and inquired about the boy. Suchana Seth said to the authorities that he was visiting a buddy.

The police officer stated, “However, the address provided by the woman was found to be fake.” Once more, the police called the taxi driver and requested that he direct the vehicle to the closest police station, where she was taken into custody.


Suchana Seth, the CEO

Suchana Seth is the CEO of “The Mindful AI Lab,” according to her LinkedIn profile. She is a data scientist and AI ethics expert with over 12 years of experience leading data science teams and scaling machine learning solutions at industrial research labs and startups.

“She is on the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics List,” stated her profile. She has held positions as a research fellow at the Raman Research Institute, a Mozilla Fellow at Data & Society, and a Fellow at the Harvard University Berkman Klein Center. Her patents in natural language processing are also held by her.”

Suchana Seth is an authority on “Responsible AI Strategy” and “AI Ethics Advisory & Audits.”

Suchana Seth completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Calcutta. She is a research fellow at the Raman Research Institute (RRI) and worked for two years at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.


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