Crop Diversification Invented by Shaitan Singh Rathore Drives Agricultural Success


Crop Diversification Invented by Shaitan Singh Rathore Drives Agricultural Success

Shaitan Singh Rathore is a progressive farmer in Rajasthan who makes a handsome annual income from his careful crop care and in-depth understanding of new technology. Let's explore his successful journey.

A farmer from the village of Delasar in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan named Shaitan Singh Rathore has personified the idea that success may be attained by combining diligence, familiarity with emerging technologies, and crop care. Rathore has been growing a range of crops for the past thirty years, generating profits in the lakhs each year from the cultivation of peanuts, chickpeas, and psyllium, among other things.


A Trip of Three Decades

Shaitan Singh Rathore discussed his farming journey in an exclusive conversation with Krishi Jagran. Rathore, a native of Jaisalmer’s Delasar village, has been committed to farming since 1993 and uses his agricultural pursuits to provide for his family. Rathore works alongside his four brothers on their joint farmland, specializing in wheat, chickpeas, psyllium, mustard, peanuts, mung beans, guar, and pearl millet.

Methods of Strategic Farming

Rathore divides about 400 hectares of land into several regions for various crops through strategic land management. He plants 20 to 25 hectares of peanuts each year, and he also plants cumin and mung beans on a comparable acreage. A key component of Rathore’s productive farming methods is his ability to provide 50–60 hectares of land with sufficient irrigation, which he accomplishes with five or six tube wells.


Ecological Farming Methods

Rathore only engages in biodynamic farming, stressing the value of organic farming. His goats and cows provide excrement to the fields, which is used as fertilizer. The success of Rathore’s sustainable farming methods is demonstrated by the fact that his produce is sold to important government mandis.

Expenses and Revenues

When talking about the financial side of farming, Rathore revealed that he spends about 20 lakhs a year on all crops. This covers the cost of fertilizer, seeds, and other necessities. Rathore, on the other hand, makes about 40 lakhs a year in revenue. As a result, Shaitan Singh Rathore makes up to 20 lakhs in profit annually.

A Note to My Fellow Farmers

Shaitan Singh Rathore encouraged farmers to participate actively in crop management in a letter to their fellow farmers. Rathore emphasized the importance of personal supervision to guarantee timely sowing, fertilizing, and irrigation while discouraging an excessive dependence on workers. He emphasized the long-term advantages of sustainable techniques and called on farmers to assume leadership of all facets of farming, particularly the transition from chemical to organic farming.


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