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Coming Full Cycle: Giant Bicycles

First Look- Giant Updates the Entry-Level Full-Suspension Stance
First Look- Giant Updates the Entry-Level Full-Suspension Stance

When we reflect on 2018, what notable tales did Giant USA release?

Our WebLink online sales methodology is a big, continuous tale. It prioritizes selling retail goods first and gives stocking merchants a 100% margin share when a rider purchases directly from Giant/Liv for in-store pickup.

We also unveiled a whole range of e-bikes with revolutionary, unique battery and motor technologies. Our upgraded EnergyPak batteries are protected from fire by a fireproof casing and include individual cell management for an extended lifespan. Yamaha produces giant-only SyncDrive motors that can increase a rider’s power by up to 360%. The most valuable component, however, is the unique and exclusive firmware that Giant designed and optimized to maximize performance and make the entire system shine. This firmware can be updated and modernized on a regular basis through our RideControl app. Throughout the previous 20 years, Giant has been the sole company producing e-bikes.

The industry’s only genuine women’s bike line is still our Liv bike family. These bikes are made by women for women, and they go well beyond the “pink-and-shrink” strategy that many of our major rivals choose. We have a special play that focuses on the female body type, taking into account shape, fit, and function in relation to the distinctive physical traits of women, particularly with regard to the power of their hands and upper bodies.

In the Gravel and Trail 29 categories, we also introduced a ton of new technology, and our e-bikes, in my opinion, raised the bar for the whole industry. Naturally, we also kept raising the bar in terms of retailer support.

What distinguishes Giant Bicycles from the other "Big 4" companies?

First Look- Giant Updates the Entry-Level Full-Suspension Stance
First Look- Giant Updates the Entry-Level Full-Suspension Stance

We are the world’s most comprehensive cycling company. We provide quality control, unmatched quality, innovation, and the only farm-to-table processing in the world of cycling, starting at our alloy foundry and continuing through our exclusive carbon manufacturing, powerhouse engineering, manufacturing expertise, and sourcing competence to our retailers’ front doors. The most genuine brand is us.

One of the few companies that owns and manages its own production process is Giant. What impact does that have on customers who purchase your goods?
Not even one of our main rivals does! Would you dine in a restaurant where the food wasn’t cooked? In this profession, we perform the most genuine cycling story (life).

You have been a strong supporter of merchants since joining Giant in 2011, establishing initiatives to assist them, and denouncing companies who use harmful omnichannel distribution tactics. What does Giant do to support retailers, and why are they so important to it?
The health of our merchants directly affects our company’s health. We gain from having healthier partners that help us realize our goal of seeing more people ride bikes. Healthy merchants are more adept at providing a satisfying in-store and customer experience. It’s much harder to succeed in retail if you’re not enjoying yourself or your work.

In what ways is Giant expanding upon its Giant Retail Partnership Program and Giant Retail Academy?

Every year, we create a new curriculum for Giant Retail Academy, adding targeted subject matter to draw in owners, shop managers, salesmen, service technicians, and entry-level retail employees. We’re fortunate to live in one of the greatest riding communities in the world here in Newbury Park, with stunning road, gravel, and mountain bike options just steps from our office. In the second half of the day, we apply what GRA teaches to have an excellent cycling experience in our own backyard.

We had a great time, learn a lot, and connect. We provide our retailers complete transparency from our home (headquarters), where we share our passion for riding. All of it is a part of the way we carry out and promote riding as a lifestyle.

The Giant Retail Partnership Program makes use of every resource, assistance, and tool available to us in order to assist our retailers in achieving financial success. These inner family retailers teach us what areas we still need to work on. In the end, it comes down to this: since the retail environment is always changing, we must continuously improve our performance and never take a break. It all boils down to how it is done.

Does Giant own any retail establishments directly? How does that affect and inform how the business interacts with its network of retailers?

Our ownership of two locations helps us stay current, and we are also acutely aware of how difficult and rapidly the retail industry is changing. We now know that the retail industry is a dynamic, ever-evolving place where great encounters with customers are what keep them loyal. An important asset is an owner who is on the floor. Retail needs immediate attention; remote management is just not an effective way to love, nurture, and manage a business. Except for Apple, I’m not aware of any company whose retail locations flourish in spite of having remote employees. This is crucial in a sector of the economy where providing experiences is key to operations. Furthermore, we believe that a high-quality experience cannot be shipped in a box and delivered to your door.

Giant stated to merchants that it was "100% committed to helping [IBDs] grow [their] retail store's revenue, profits, and business relevance" before starting to sell directly to customers online in 2016. Do retailers benefit more from your direct-to-consumer initiative than from most others?

Thousands of full-margin interactions have been shared between our partner WebLink retailers and us. Our retailers are really happy with the program so far. Although it’s not flawless, it’s unquestionably the best solution we’ve seen for bolstering the retail network. We’re not done learning, and we have ideas about how to keep improving for the benefit of riders and retailers.

In what ways has Giant's Liv brand distinguished itself in its efforts to increase women's cycling participation?

We think that in order to provide the most fulfilling experience, women should receive a distinct and pure product. In comparison to Giant Bicycles, our investment strategy with Liv is more profitable and contributes a larger percentage to the company.

What more is Giant doing to encourage the engagement of women and young people?

We have an army of more than 100 Liv ambassadors who promote the brand at festivals, events, and retail spaces while living the narrative. Regarding youngsters, we nationwide support Sprockids, Trips for Kids, and NICA athletes through our retail partners. In our community, we support the California Highway Patrol’s yearly CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive by donating bikes and gear.

Is Giant committed to creating e-bikes as much as it is about producing human-powered bikes? What does it do to promote legislation that favors electricity and access to E-MTBs?

Indeed, we are strongly committed to e-bikes, which are one of our fastest-growing global categories. We have actually been manufacturing e-bikes since the 1990s. We have complete legislative vested interest in PeopleForBikes. We’ve been making every effort to assist the whole industry in persuading the state and federal governments that pedal-assist bikes are just as healthy and have no more impact than regular pedal cycles. In addition, we encourage and support education about appropriate trail etiquette on our nearby trails.

What effect have the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration had on Giant and the bicycle industry overall?

It takes three decades to establish the existing supply chain, and it is not easily changed. A complete bicycle requires a community of suppliers and manufacturers, and Southeast Asia long ago produced that village. Ignorance is no defense for ignorance, and this illogical viewpoint and refusal to comprehend the factors at work will undoubtedly provide difficulties and, in some situations, drive down the price of bicycles for a large number of Americans.

It’s really everyone’s loss because it will only increase obesity, health care costs, the amount of green transportation that is unavailable, and our reliance on the antiquated transportation system that is now in place. Bikes and the cycling industry as a whole become far less advantageous for sustainability initiatives, public health, and the environment as a result of these tariffs.

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