BTS’ V and IU’s Adoration Wins All MV decoded: Wedding clothing to nemo and camcorder, subtleties run further

BTS' V and IU's Adoration Wins All MV decoded: Wedding clothing to nemo and camcorder, subtleties run further​

BTS' V and IU's Adoration Wins All MV decoded: Wedding clothing to nemo and camcorder, subtleties run further

BTS's V and IU team up on a tragic science fiction music video that investigates topics of affection, segregation, and opportunity through representative symbolism.

BTS’ V and IU as of late teamed up on their most memorable authority music video named Love Wins All. This true to life show-stopper isn’t simply a music video; it’s a five-minute tragic science fiction short film overflowing with stowed away layers. In the midst of the plenty of fan speculations flowing web-based trying to unravel the melody, few know that chief Um Tae Hwa, acclaimed for Substantial Ideal world has given clarifications in regards to the video’s significance and idea. In the video, the two K-pop symbols assume the jobs of darlings, yet this isn’t simply the commonplace love video. The MV was delivered on January 24 12 PM KST.

BTS' V and IU Love Wins All MV made sense of



The video portrays the story of IU and BTS V, a couple who are harmed and getting away from a unidentified 3D square item in the forest. They show up at a cold, void structure with hills of exhausted dress surrounding it. V tracks down a dusty camcorder in a café while searching for indications of others. In the wake of peeping into the camcorder their reality changes and the MV seems to be going this way and that from present to past.

What is the Block like item in BTS’ V and IU’s Affection Wins All

According to the chief Um Tae Hwa, the solid shape like item is called Nemo. Some expect it’s a zombie tainted by an infection; others dread it’s an outsider power. Be that as it may, “The square represents victimization the primary characters and can likewise be viewed as addressing different types of segregation and mistreatment common in our regular routines.”

What’s going on with the camcorder in the MV

Presently, we should discuss the secretive camcorder, which moves the whole feel of the music video. As per the makers, the video’s time foundation is in the present, however the scene showed on the camcorder’s screen shows a world that was great before it got demolished. “The focal point of the camcorder implies the channel of adoration. It can likewise be viewed as a significant gadget to see the wonderful things of the world past the inward or external appearance of the characters.”

Characters look and feel

Representative subtleties add profundity to IU and V’s battles. The unpretentious chain around IU’s lips brings out limited correspondence, while V’s maritime eyes foretell concealed deterrents. Yet, in their wrecked world, they’re stayed together like paste.

Why the marriage clothing and tuxedo

However, everybody is asking why they chose to wear the marriage dress. “In the last scenes, IU and V wear wedding dresses and tuxedos found in the midst of the remains, representing the product of adoration.” As the two participate in things that would be hard for them to act in their regular daily existence, for example, singing and taking pictures, these conventional images represent opportunity and joy.

The completion made sense of

Unfortunately, the awful 3D shape annihilates their bodies, and just their garments are left. In the last video, it appears as though they’re flying, it they’re allowed to show. The falling dresses and tuxedos make us can’t help thinking about what’s genuinely significant in actuality.



Taehyung’s acting prowess is already well-known to BTS fans, and this song deftly and maturely explores that aspect of him. Most likely the first time V has included a lengthy song other than solo and BTS tracks.

The release schedule for IU’s album is still unknown. However, in March, she will start a tour. However, V is presently carrying out his required military service. He is scheduled to return by June 2025, having joined in December 2023.


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