A Little Increase in Crude Oil Deliveries to Shandong’s Independent Refineries

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A Little Increase in Crude Oil Deliveries to Shandong's Independent Refineries

Independent refineries in Shandong, a key component of China’s petrochemical sector, have reported a rise in the amount of imported crude oil that they received at major coastal ports in the first week of January. These refineries processed 1.204 million tonnes of incoming crude oil between January 1 and 7, which is an increase of 6,000 tonnes, or 0.5%, from the previous session.

The information shown here includes the amount of crude oil received by seven significant coastal ports in Shandong Province. These ports are Longkou Port, Laizhou Port, Yantaixi Port, Dongjiakou Port, Lanshan Port, Huangdao Port, and Dongying Port. These numbers provide an all-inclusive picture, representing all of the imported crude oil that was delivered to these particular ports.

Many private refineries, frequently known as “teapot” refineries because of their lesser size in comparison to state-owned ones, can be found in Shandong Province. With time, these refineries have become more well-known and important in satisfying the home market for refined oil products.

The rise in imports of crude oil indicates that Shandong’s refining sector has a consistent need for crude oil. Numerous reasons, such as local demand for refined goods, market dynamics, and refineries’ strategic decisions, could be to blame for this.

It’s also important to note that independent refineries in China are now able to use their 2024 crude oil import quotas in advance, thanks to a recent decision by the government. This action, which was taken with the intention of encouraging barrel imports, may also be a role in the greater amount of crude oil that Shandong’s ports are receiving.


Nevertheless, it’s crucial to take the larger picture into account despite this recent increase. There were tidings of declining arrivals of crude oil at Shandong’s independent refineries towards the close of last year. In addition, figures for November indicated that China’s imports of crude oil decreased year over year for the first time since April.

These variations highlight how intricate and frequently erratic the domestic and international oil markets are. These movements can be influenced by a number of variables, including economic and geopolitical unrest, environmental regulations, and technical developments.

A promising start to 2024 is indicated by the reported rise in imported crude oil received by Shandong’s independent refineries during the first week of the year. How long-term sustainable this tendency is, though, is still up to debate. Like refineries everywhere else in the world, these ones will also have to deal with the opportunities and difficulties brought about by the oil industry’s constant change as the year goes on.


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